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Thinking Positive Thoughts

Thinking some positive thoughts today, and  found these great little quotes,  I am not just thinking positive just for weight loss and slimming world but also for life in general. I have to stop thinking change and start making actions to create change otherwise I will never truly be happy.

I have to realise that just because I have this good job, and I haven’t been in it long, if I am not happy, not fulfilled and not enjoying it, then I don’t have to stay. Even if I don’t up an leave at once I can begin making decisions to create that change; do a learning course, job hunt, re-connect with networks.

I am not static and I am not fixed.




2 thoughts on “Thinking Positive Thoughts”

  1. A brilliant quote I once heard (and am about to butcher) was: Every man dreams of changing the world, no man thinks of changing himself. I think it’s very true. We can sit back and get depressed or annoyed at the state of things… but we have to actually make the conclusion to change things ourselves, to change ourselves. Well done on making that choice today 🙂 You are definitely are not static or fixed, sway and move in whatever direction you need to!

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