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Week 20 @ Target: needing a bit of motivation

So I had a stinker of a cold, in fact, I still have a stinker of a cold, and it won’t go away. Thus, in true old wives fashion I fed the cold, I REALLY fed the cold! I was therefore not at all surprised to find I had put on 2.5lbs this week!

I don’t think this was also helped by the monthly curse rearing up on weigh day (great timing!), however it wasn’t the sole reason. I was bad, very bad. I felt rubbish and just ate what I fancied, and as I was at my lovely in-laws at the weekend I had no control switches.

We had a very nice Chinese, and lots of other food. BAD, BAD, BAD! But despite this I am feeling OK, yes it was a gain which I didn’t want but it is a new week, new start so lets just go from there.

I have also, as promised, been thinking about my monthly motivation for February. I’ve given myself a tough one, by the end of the month I want to be in the next stone bracket, a goal that has been eluding me since after my illness! I think this one will be especially hard with February being so much shorter – so fewer weigh ins in which to achieve it! I will have to be much more disciplined and focused. Oh crap!

Wish me luck!



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