General Musings

Work Hierarchy – necessary?


Firstly, let me point out that I am not against a hierarchy, I do believe it is good to know where you stand, your role in a team and how it all fits together especially if blended with a good helping of democracy and team cohesiveness.

I don’t however like hierarchy at work that instils a lack of free thought, free thinking and belittles other team members and their input. Or undermines an act of politeness or kindness.

Certainly you shouldn’t harass your seniors for no reason, and you should go through the proper channels but to get told that politeness is a crime and that sending a simple personal thank you is a problem or ‘unprofessional’ because they are a senior team member just baffles me, when did it become so hierarchical that one human being nice to another human was some inner working political nightmare?

For me a hierarchy is more knowing your role in a jigsaw, a circle if you will. Not a top down pyramid where information is a precious commodity that only the select few know, that you sit have a chat/discussion but ultimately your input doesn’t matter, where they want you to ‘take the initiative/be pro-active’ but ultimately the decision is never yours, where they want you to own that project/event/piece of work but they hold all the information – your basically an administrator for their idea and it’s not your project……again.

I just don’t see the point of hierarchy like that as it belittles, demotivates and just generally inspires ill-will and you don’t want to engage anymore as you really wonder what is the point of doing so?

Perhaps I am just moaning about what happens everywhere in the workplace but is it idealistic of me to think that there are better working environments, better jobs and just better satisfaction out there? I don’t want to just rush off and leave and find myself feeling the same though, I really want to think about my next move and where I am going.

Anyway – rant over – sorry folks!


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