Beauty & Me

I can’t claim to be a beauty aficionado, that title firmly rests with my little sister who is is the beauty queen of the family and always has been – and I am not making a play for her throne.

To be fair I wasn’t uninterested in beauty, skincare and make-up, that whole she-bang but rather due to my unfortunately sensitive and overly irritated skin I have always been very put off in trying out different stuff as it is likely to cause flare-ups. I mean I was even sensitive to Simple – SIMPLE! Apparently the holy grail for sensitive skin, but not for me I never felt so dry, red, itchy and irritated so I now avoid it like the plague. I am sure it is lovely for some and C’s mum swears by it, but it is just not for me.

But slowly, after years in the beauty wild lands I have been drawn back in, willing to try out products and invest some time in getting the right products for me. So my beauty section isn’t so much about reviewing everything I can get my hands on – I don’t think my skin could cope but just sharing and putting out there with the world the brands and products that I do try, come across and hopefully love on my beauty journey.


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