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Crafting at Guides

I had a lot of fun last night, in fact all the leaders did, creating candles with the Guides. Of course we were very adult and let the girls pick their colours and moulds first (I missed out on maple leafs), but it was fun and all the leaders went for star moulds in the end. We did however choose different colours for our Beeswax rolled candles. Though we did try to convince one of them to do a Guiding colours candle…she refused, lol! But hey it was a lot of fun and now I want to do candle making again and again, if i’d been more prepared I could have done this as Christmas presents! Perhaps I still can…..Hobbycraft here I come!

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Remembering Hampton Court Flower Show

Sometimes I do love when Google pesters me with remembering what I did a few years ago around this time! In this case, visiting Hampton Court Flower Show, which was absolutely beautiful. It also means that my little cactus (below) is now 4 years old (well to me anyway!). How time flies! I still love the bush animals! I need to go again.



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Guide Camp – exhausting!

This Bank Holiday I spent the weekend with eighteen 11-14 year old girls in a field in Ruislip at Guide Camp. We went from the Saturday through to Tues afternoon. Mostly the weather was lovely on Saturday and Sunday, with Monday being colder and overcast, however Tuesday was so so so wet! But hey that is the fun of camping in Britain, all seasons in one weekend!

It was a lovely, but very tiring weekend, and it has been so long since I camped I was a bit hazy on the details and couldn’t remember how to do everything but I muddled through. I did, however, manage to pitch a tent again! I was very impressed as it didn’t fall down all weekend!! The girls did a lot of activities on site as well as the usual Guide camp chores, and we went on walks and explored the local area; going along to Ruislip Lido where the cafe had very nice ice cream! So they got out and about and so did we, it felt nice to be so active, though the frequent tea top ups & cake were much appreciated. Though I’ll have to kick that dependency post-camp!!

It was lovely but I was very thankful to get home, have a hot shower, get clean and feel warm again! With the majority nice weather I also managed to get something of a tan – I’m still a close shade of alabaster on my legs but my arms aren’t doing too badly! so all in all a good weekend! By the time I got home though and relaxed (had to a food shop as C had been busy all weekend too) going to slimming world was not an option – so I bailed! I think I would have done OK, but I was too shattered!


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C2C 2016!

So I got to see some of my favourite country artists at the C2C Festival at the O2 this weekend, as well as discover a whole load more, which was fantastic. I have been wanting to along for absolutely ages but then never got around to actually going, however this year knowing that Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood were both going to be there that swung it for me, especially as Miranda has never been to the UK before (as far as I am aware!). But I also love their warm up acts; Little Big Town, Ashley Monroe and also ended up liking Sam Hunt, High Valley, Maren Morris and the others.

It’s a three day weekend festival but I only went to the Friday and Saturday, I considered the Sunday but at the time I didn’t know the artists as well so I didn’t book for them, however it would have been great to see Chris Stapleton, after finally discovering his album Traveller. I like Kacey Musgraves as well, but didn’t really know Eric Church so wasn’t swayed.

I have to say the Pop Up stages, and the other smaller venues were fab! I got to see some great people, some I knew, some I wasn’t so aware of and also saw Charles Esten from afar, and then heard him sing later in the main stage. I also got in to see Lauren Alaina at the BBC R2 Country Stage and she was amazing, an awesome voice and just totally killed the stage. But a load of people did. It was a great weekend, one downside, I now have a million albums to buy!

I have some pics below – but I am getting really annoyed with my phone and it’s in-adequateness at taking pictures recently (didn’t help I forgot my ‘proper’ camera!) so excuse the blurriness.


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CATS: Energetic, stylish, but the jury’s out on it for me!

So I finally got to go and see CATS earlier this month, on Sat 14th November with my mum, sister, aunt and cousin. I have to admit that I didn’t know very much about the musical or the storyline prior to attending.

In terms of the plot what I gathered was that the main premise of the plot seemed to be the Jellicle Cats; a tribe of cats, are all getting together for this one night, the night of the Jellicle Ball, where their leader chooses a a member of the tribe to move on to a higher place and be reborn (I couldn’t figure out if this was heaven or not!) and along the way we as the audience meet many different Cats and there are hi-jinks and dancing all round.

Firstly, the set design and the costumes were stunning. It really was a great visual feast, even for those of us sitting up in the rafter seats (we were on the back back row!), so this was great and really set the scene.

The music, the athleticism, the singing and dancing were all top notch; and Beverley Knight was as ever stunning as Grisabella singing the really famous song ‘Memory’. But all the cast were equally good, I really enjoyed listening to all of the songs and watching the routines. It was definitely a fun performance and you could see the cast were enjoying themselves, which makes you as an audience enjoy it more.

I enjoyed many elements of the musical overall, but I think, like the rest of my family that while we enjoyed it we didn’t really understand it. It was great to watch and I enjoyed but I can’t say that I was emotionally invested in any of the characters, they were all so fleetingly introduced and explained to us. It’s so energetic, so quick that I found it very hard to keep up and switch with the characters making it hard for me to totally immerse and I think this is the problem the rest of my family had also. It’s fine without minimal dialogue but sometimes when you cant keep up with the song, or in some cases fully understand the lyrics in relation to the action it makes it hard to really engage,

FINAL VERDICT: While I enjoyed it I am not sure that I would rush out to go see it again personally. I am glad that I have seen it, it’s definitely an experience but I think I can happily not repeat it.

I realise some people love this Musical, but it wasn’t 100% my cup of tea. What do other people think? Have they seen the production in London?


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Festive Adventures at Manchester Christmas Market

So I just got back from a long weekend away at the Manchester Christmas Markets. I went with C & his family from the Friday -Monday! It was lovely. A great weekend away and left me feeling very festive, it especially helped as it was so cold this weekend I had to walk around in a coat, hat and lots of layers.It can’t feel like Christmas when you are hot! Well I don’t think so? Has anyone ever had a hot Christmas?

After our visit I would really recommend going to the Manchester Markets, it’s a really decent size with lots of Christmas atmosphere and LOTS of treats to eat (see the pancakes and Nutella below!).  I perhaps over indulged a little this weekend, but hell it was a weekend off and it was worth it. There was so much there to tempt you from the food stalls to the really great restaurants. In terms of the market there were nine dotted around overall, with the main one in Albert Square presided over by the large Santa (see my rather rubbish selfie). You did, obviously have repeating stalls around each of them but it was all still nice with enough overall variety.

Manchester itself has some great architecture, industrial, classical and Gothic. It makes for a great combination to look at, even without the markets dotted around like little lit up villages and billowy clouds of hot chocolate smoke, it would be pretty. Outside of the market stalls the shopping itself is pretty damn good, you can certainly find everything you need from High Street to High End.

But what I really liked was how you could walk around everywhere, the intimacy of the city centre, which while it was large was accessible.I know we had the advantage of being in a city centre hotel, but still a city centre that can be walked is great.

Pics Below 🙂


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Going to see CATS!

I am pretty excited as I have always wanted to see the CATS musical, and of course when I got older it was no longer playing in London so thought I had missed my chance to see it.

But I have booked tickets to go and see the new run with Beverley Knight that has come back to London in the West End in November. I know something about the story line, but not masses so I am really looking forward to it. I am going with my Mum, sister, aunt and cousin and it looks as if we will be making a day out of it, which will be great.

I have seen Beverley Knight in Memphis earlier in the year and she was amazing so I know that she will be good. I am hoping the whole production will be good.

Has anyone seen CATS? I’d love to know your thoughts on it.