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Pretty Hair!

So I am being  joint Maid of Honour for my best friend this August and the Easter weekend involved having dress fittings (not too traumatic!) and hair trials and what not! Luckily – as I am a little wary of hairdressers – my little sister, who is an amazing hair person if I don’t mind saying, is doing the hair for the wedding day so it is someone that I trust! She is amazingly  good and produces great results. So am just sharing her work as I thought the results were rather good and the bonus is that afterwards my hair looked all curly, yay!

Bridesmaid Hair ©alittlecornerofme
Curly hair!
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Impulse turned staple! Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil


Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil. 
I am going to freely admit that this was an impulse purchase, I wasn’t looking for a face oil at all, but well I happened to be mulling around my local Space NK store and I kind of got suckered in to buying it. Despite this…I do not regret buying it at all.

I have not always been crazy about facial oils, I have dry/sensitive skin but I also have the tendency to breakout. This never looks attractive and I don’t always feel that using face oils helps this skin tendency. But on to my review:

What should it do?
The main purpose is said on the bottle, to ‘rescue’ your skin from environmental damage, repair skin tone, soften skin and to help clarify. It is also marketed as a light weight formula oil, easy to absorb.

Did it work?
This Rescue Oil delivered on being a light, easily absorbed oil. It didn’t leave me feeling greasy. I have been putting it on both day (underneath my make up!) and night and really haven’t felt weighed down or like the oil hasn’t dried and my skin is sticky. It has been fantastic in that respect. I also love that while it does have a scent, it is not overpowering, it is quite delicate, and for me, quite clean smelling. I’m not keen on heavy fragrances and, again, I don’t feel it helps my skin.

I am not going to write and say it was an utter miracle and that my skin completely stopped breaking out because this would be a lie. I do however feel that my skin is better, it is smoother, old facial scarring has reduced and the overall clarity and tone of my skin does feel brighter. I feel more confident going without make-up, and have had more ‘nude’ confidence days than I have had in a while. I have still had some breakouts but I feel that this oil helped in reducing them, clearing them quicker and repairing my skin afterwards.

Does it last?
It is not a cheap product, and at £58 pound a pop for 30ml I definitely didn’t want to see it go down radically quickly. But I am on over a months usage – roughly five weeks or so – and I am not even half way, perhaps coming up to a third gone. I definitely have at least two months left in it! So it will last and you really don’t need more than one pump.

It’s staying! I love it under my make-up and moisturiser (and I think it also helps my moisturiser go further) and it is great at night – doesn’t leave me with greasy hair in the morning. I can see this as a staple in my routine going forward. I have found an oil that works for me and I am not changing for a while! I also really like that is all natural products and no animal testing!

TIP: From me to you! You may all be more experienced in oils than me but it took me a week – yes a week! – to figure out that the top part of the bottle was a pump. Feel free to mock me. I could not figure out how to get the oil into the syringe for ages and kept gently pouring it out until I pumped by accident. Make up fail!

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Currently trending in my handbag – Lipstick Queen, Frog Prince.


I am amassing a small collection of lipsticks, it’s a new trend for me. I used to be on the lip gloss band wagon, I was a 90’s/early 00’s teen after all and firmly thought lip glosses were so much cooler than old fashioned granny lipsticks. But now, I adore them and would choose lipstick over lip gloss any day. I do still have a few lip glosses and occasionally I will see one that looks nice and I’ll buy it. But I am firmly now in the lipstick camp. Oh how I do love  a lippy! There is nothing quite comparable with lipstick, lip glosses are all well and dandy but a lipstick, a lipstick is classically fabulous. Yes, you can get horrors with lipstick, bad matches, poor quality and teeth stain if not careful but I prefer them. A lipstick evokes something elegant, classy that a shiny gloss just doesn’t for me – plus my hair sticks to it in the wind!

Currently trending in my handbag all the time is the Frog Prince by Lipstick Queen. Yes it’s green, but if you haven’t heard of it before it doesn’t stay green. It is really clever and changes to match your skins PH levels to give you the perfect rosy, healthy red shade every time that suits you! It’s indispensable and great for that natural look, especially for work. I love it! I’ll admit it is not cheap – £22.00 from my local Space NK but absolutely worth it! It moisturises my lips and always gives me a confidence boost – what more could you want from a lipstick? Oh yeah, staying power, it has that too!