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Choosing a Wedding Reading

As you know I am being a bridesmaid cum joint Maid of Honour for my lovely best friend this year, which is very exciting! But I also said I would do a reading for her at the church. I'm not sure how this happened but hey I am doing it, no backing out now. She… Continue reading Choosing a Wedding Reading

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Lent: Giving up Caffeine – update!

So I have been doing this non-caffeine gig for nearly two weeks now and I am pretty sure I am hungrier than I ever normally am. Perhaps caffeine suppressed food cravings or something but all I want to do is eat eat eat and eat. No food is too lowly, too naughty or too indulgent!… Continue reading Lent: Giving up Caffeine – update!

Challenges, General Musings

Lent: Giving up Caffeine. I’m screwed.

Me and the PG Tips Monkey, I love him, just like I love tea and love coffee. I fear I would not bleed red but in fact bleed tea if cut open. I love tea in a big way. I am a proper English girl and quite convinced, as my mother and grandmother have taught… Continue reading Lent: Giving up Caffeine. I’m screwed.

Challenges, General Musings

Blog Challenge?

I have been thinking of doing a blog challenge, something to spur myself, keep me going and motivated. I have been having a few ideas but I can't actually decide what to do and what I can realistically achieve - I was thinking of doing an Instragram a day challenge but that can be hard… Continue reading Blog Challenge?