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I am a homeowner!

  Well, I say I, I mean we. As in me and C have finally finished our house purchase and have keys in hand. This is very exciting. It has taken so long to get this done and towards the end it was all getting very tense, what with expiry dates and incompetent solicitors! But… Continue reading I am a homeowner!

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Thrifty is the word!

Thrifty will definitely be my byword of the month (and for the next few months) as I have some hellish expenses up on the horizon, as we are in the process of getting our own place at last, which while very exciting is as you can imagine incredibly expensive! While we do have our savings I still want… Continue reading Thrifty is the word!

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New Starter Homes Initiative

As I have mentioned we are looking to move out this year so the announcement of this new Starter Homes Initiative has piqued my interest. At the moment the bare basics seem to be that if you are a first time buyer and are under 40 years old you will qualify to be eligible for… Continue reading New Starter Homes Initiative