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I am a homeowner!



Well, I say I, I mean we. As in me and C have finally finished our house purchase and have keys in hand. This is very exciting. It has taken so long to get this done and towards the end it was all getting very tense, what with expiry dates and incompetent solicitors! But thankfully, and with much stress, it all came together and we exchanged contracts and completed in time.

We didn’t have a lot of organising time, due to all basically having to be resolved a.s.a.p. so we completed 2 days(!) after exchange. We got the keys last Friday (15th)!

We haven’t yet been able to fully move in yet, due to little organising time, and two we wanted to deep clean it and do some sorting. On Saturday we deep cleaned -DEEP CLEANED – as it needed it, but as we also want to paint it and sort out some new carpets we are taking it slow. But it shouldn’t be too long and then we can be officially in.

Exciting! I am sure you will hear more updates.

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Thrifty is the word!


Thrifty will definitely be my byword of the month (and for the next few months) as I have some hellish expenses up on the horizon, as we are in the process of getting our own place at last, which while very exciting is as you can imagine incredibly expensive! While we do have our savings I still want to make sure that we keep in our allotted budgets and don’t go crazy, so I will be little miss thrifty throughout the month as I make sure I claw back any little pennies that I can and keep us in the green for when we start.

I am not a naturally spendthrift of a person and I do have to admit to having a great love of a bargain and do like to save where I can so in a kind of self-pentitent way I am actually rather looking forward to being forced to be ultra careful – yes, I know, I am weird – it will be refreshing to re-evaluate all my purchases. Perhaps it will curb some of those throwaway culture instincts the media cultivates and lately I feel I have been the willing victim too!

Fingers crossed and purses shut!

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New Starter Homes Initiative

As I have mentioned we are looking to move out this year so the announcement of this new Starter Homes Initiative has piqued my interest.

At the moment the bare basics seem to be that if you are a first time buyer and are under 40 years old you will qualify to be eligible for purchasing a house with a 20% discount off the market price. I am not sure if it is a limited number or how long it will last. But it does sound interesting and could certainly be helpful for us, though frankly given the area that I live and work in I am not sure if 20% off the house price is even enough, unless the government are still then also giving a 15-20% equity loan on top, perhaps it may be feasible?

There isn’t an awful lot of information to go on at the moment, but it is worth exploring all the potential avenues so I signed up here: to receive more information. I’ll pass on any news when I know more.