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Remembering Hampton Court Flower Show

Sometimes I do love when Google pesters me with remembering what I did a few years ago around this time! In this case, visiting Hampton Court Flower Show, which was absolutely beautiful. It also means that my little cactus (below) is now 4 years old (well to me anyway!). How time flies! I still love… Continue reading Remembering Hampton Court Flower Show

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Pretty Hair!

So I am being  joint Maid of Honour for my best friend this August and the Easter weekend involved having dress fittings (not too traumatic!) and hair trials and what not! Luckily - as I am a little wary of hairdressers - my little sister, who is an amazing hair person if I don't mind… Continue reading Pretty Hair!

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Week 38: Maintain

I maintained this week. Which is far better than a gain in my books. I am getting frustrated with myself though as I can't seem to get fully back into the swing of things! I don't know why exactly, maybe its because I keep getting distracted by life events! Who knows. I know our house… Continue reading Week 38: Maintain

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Goodbye to David Bowie

David Bowie was a legend, a rockstar and a genius. That is completely indisputable. He doubtless touched the lives of many different people, in different ways and through different mediums. For me? I will remember David Bowie as the Goblin King in one of my absolute favourite childhood films of all time; The Labryinth. For taking… Continue reading Goodbye to David Bowie

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Week 36: Maintained

I am pleased with this weigh in. Yes I didn't lose but I didn't put on so I am glad. It's a good start to the New Year as I re-adjust to normal eating and getting back on the wagon with exercise. So it's only a short update, I can't really dwell, hopefully I will… Continue reading Week 36: Maintained

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Reflections for a New Year

I have been reflecting back on the year just been and what I have taken from 2015. 2015 was definitely not my worst year by any means, but it wasn't my greatest, though to be honest I am never entirely sure which year was - perhaps my first ever year that I don't remember?? But I… Continue reading Reflections for a New Year