Changing Lifestyles

As I began 2015 I got to thinking about my lifestyle, my habits and frankly how unhappy I am with my current weight and fitness. I have decided that 2015 is the time for change and to finally kick into action what I spent most of 2014 dithering about. Standing at 5’3 and a little over 13st, I’m not terrible but I’m not as good as I should be and I could certainly do better.

So, I decided I would.

Obviously some of the most basic steps that I will be taking to help make these changes are to my diet, to increase my exercise and I will also be really thinking not just about the food I am eating but also where the food is coming from .

I am not a cooking novice but ensuring that I cook healthily as often as possible will be a new experience and as I don’t have a ludicrous amount of expendable income (especially with saving and hopefully moving out this year) I will be looking to make each product count and stretch as far as possible.

I do believe that you can eat well and healthily on a reasonable budget and that you don’t have to always go for the cheapest products full of additives and preservatives so I will be looking for inspiration whether I can find it and will share whatever nuggets I can find, please do share any of your own tips.



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