Forever Living Clean 9: The First Step

As I have mentioned previously I decided to turn over a new leaf in 2015, change some habits and basically get fitter. One of the first steps I decided to do to get this going was to undertake a detox; I chose the Forever Living Clean 9 programme.

Why did I choose this programme?
While I know there are numerous detox’s and programmes there are a few reasons that I chose this one, firstly a friend of mine recommended it and it was nice to have the assurance of knowing someone who had already been successful. Secondly, I liked having a plan to follow, I could have come up with my own detox plan but frankly then I could have let myself cheat and get away with things, having rules and instructions meant I couldn’t be easy on myself. Thirdly,  I paid a good amount of money for the kit and there was no way I was wasting the money I had spent by doing it wrong, if all else fails wasting money is a great motivation for me!

How does it work?
Basically, the detox lasts for 9 days overall and was focused on cutting out any processed foods, fizzy drinks and eating healthily to flush out toxins, reduce bloating etc. For the first two days you are on a stringent liquid diet consisting of the shakes, fibre supplements, aloe vera gel and the supplied vitamins only, you really are taking in the bare minimum, until the third day when you are allowed an extra shake and a 600 calorie evening meal. It stays like this through to day eight and then on day nine you are allowed a 300 calorie lunch as well, after that you can go on to phase two of the Forever Living programmes (FIT I) if you want, or like I did, you can return to eating ‘normally’.

What did I get for my money?
I bought my kit through a Forever rep (the one my friend knew) but I dont think that what you get is any different to what you could get by ordering it independently, I just happened to get an offer rate for it that brought it under £100. I have to say that in the pack you do get a lot for your money and I had surplus at the end. But to be clear in the kit I had:

  • 2 x 1 Litre Forever Aloe Gel
  • 1 x Large Vanilla Protein Shake Mix (lasted the whole 9 Days)
  • 9 x Soluble Fibre Supplement/Snacks
  • Supplements for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to last the 9 Days
  • Tape Measure
  • Drinking Flask
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Recipe/Tracker Book

It did feel nice knowing that I had all of this at the beginning as it made me feel prepped and ready to take on the detox. I needed to be prepared as I was undertaking this while at work, though lugging it all around did get annoying, especially in the first couple of days when I was lugging the aloe vera around as I needed to have it so often.

How did I find it?
Day 1-2: As it was the first day I had to take all my measurements and my weight, which was not overly fun but also terribly time consuming when I had to get to work! But it is a good thing to do as it gives you a goal and makes you determined for the task ahead.

I am not going to lie and say that the first two days were a breeze, however, I will say that I found them easier than I expected. I absolutely loathed taking the Aloe Vera gel, I just couldn’t get over the taste but I still endured downing the stuff four times a day, I was very glad the amount was reduced in the third day! While it felt odd not to eat solids I honestly didn’t feel starved on the first days, admittedly I may have been full on liquid but even so I wasnt having cravings for sweet things or treats overly much. It was only truly by the morning of the third day that I felt hungry and was eagerly awaiting my 600 calories! I was also very glad to know that I could still have a hot drink, I wasn’t allowed tea with milk, but still having a herbal tea was a godsend!

Day 3-8: After the first two days these felt like a breeze in comparison, yes I was only eating 600 calories of solid food but I was finding my shakes and supplements perfectly adequate in the daytime, even though I was allowed fruit and raw vegetables I didn’t feel the need for them, except once.  I think it definitely helped that I was at work and so was able to keep occupied and distracted, though I will give myself kudos for going to McDonald’s with my work colleagues, just so I wasn’t alone at lunch, and not having a single thing! They then flaunted cake later too – they were definitely having a sugar day!

I think what I also found most surprising was how many calories 600 calories is on a plate! It’s more than you think and actually its pretty filling, it does put in stark contrast how much we can overeat! In this period the little recipes provided in the booklet were really helpful so I knew what I could have and it meant I was not guessinig portion sizes all the time! I checked my weights again mid way and there was already a definite drop but aside from weight I felt less bloated, more awake and alert, my skin was clearer (8 glasses of water a day will do that) and I just felt generally energised overall and did my regular Zumba class no problem!

Day 9: I found it so odd on this day having a solid lunch again, I was also sad to think I would not be doing the detox anymore as I had really enjoyed it and felt so much better, but I also knew I needed to stop and return to ‘normal’ albeit a more balanced, healthy normal than I was doing before.


I would recommend the Clean 9 programme, in the end I lost about 5lbs on the diet but I think that the benefits I took from it were more than just a loss in weight but also the confidence in knowing that I had self control, discipline and will power to change what I ate and my relationship with food in general and that I don’t have to give in everytime I have a craving. Yes I still like a treat but I do feel more able to say a firm ‘No’ to the cake or bad choice.

I would also add that the rep I brought my kit from was very helpful, very supportive and was always there to answer questions , I don’t know how across the board this is but I found it very helpful!

You can find out more information here if you would like to know more about the detox I did, but to be clear I am not endorsing, promoting or recommending Forever Living Clean 9, I have no affiliation with the company, and do not recommend weight loss without consulting a medical professional first, all the above is my own personal opinion.


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