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Low Iron – joyous!

Low Iron really is a killjoy, I know it is a natural side-effect of pregnancy for a lot of women and to be fair combined with the Ulcerative Colitis (even if I haven't been flaring it still causes problems) it's probably not that surprising that at my latest pregnancy check-up my Iron levels were low.… Continue reading Low Iron – joyous!

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Baby Shower – it’s getting real!

I was very lucky to have a little baby shower thrown for me at work last week by my lovely work colleagues. It wasn't my last day at work, I still have another 3.5 working days to go (yes I am counting!). But it was very nice to get together with the team and have… Continue reading Baby Shower – it’s getting real!

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Giving myself time every week.

I have decided, and it won't be easy, to commit to giving myself at least one evening/day every week to do something for me. This boils down to me realising that if I really want to be able to reflect, move forward and make decisions I also need to dedicate some time to me every… Continue reading Giving myself time every week.

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Blog Challenge?

I have been thinking of doing a blog challenge, something to spur myself, keep me going and motivated. I have been having a few ideas but I can't actually decide what to do and what I can realistically achieve - I was thinking of doing an Instragram a day challenge but that can be hard… Continue reading Blog Challenge?