General Musings

Blog Refresh

So as one of my resolutions I said I would refresh my blog, and today I did! I haven’t done much in the content department but I have superficially altered it, changing the theme.I think this style looks fresher, and cleaner to me – but any thoughts welcome.

I am getting there with how I want this blog to look and feel, slowly but surely.

I think my next big step is to focus on what I want the content to be as it is rather general at the moment. Which isn’t a bad thing, and maybe it might be best to start up another one that is more focused??

I’ll have a think.


General Musings

Giving myself time every week.

I have decided, and it won’t be easy, to commit to giving myself at least one evening/day every week to do something for me.

This boils down to me realising that if I really want to be able to reflect, move forward and make decisions I also need to dedicate some time to me every week, whether it  is a whole day, a 1/2 day or just an evening it is just important that I find that time.

This basically feeds into one of my resolutions, objectives, for 2017 to get back in to doing some hobbies that I love and really just giving myself some me time, still being a little selfish.

It doesn’t really matter what I am doing. As long as it is something I want to do; reading, writing, learning a language…just anything!

But I need to be really resolute about it though and do it.I so often just let myself get distracted, or pulled along in other waves. So no, no to distraction, no to feeling annoyed because I haven’t got something I wanted done ,and just no to not supporting myself. I will give myself time, and I will make that time happen.

Challenges, General Musings

Blog Challenge?

I have been thinking of doing a blog challenge, something to spur myself, keep me going and motivated. I have been having a few ideas but I can’t actually decide what to do and what I can realistically achieve – I was thinking of doing an Instragram a day challenge but that can be hard to do in the blog form as you only see the pictures on the side (if anyone knows otherwise, please share!) so not sure on that – might still do it though.

I got a colouring book for Christmas, one of those adult ones so I thought I would set the challenge of finishing a picture a week, which is achievable and then just doing a post on it. Plus that could be fun.

I could do a book one – I have been promising myself to read the classics this year – so I could do a challenge to read all Dickens by the end of 2016 – something like that, though there is a hell of a lot of Dickens.

I could write a poem a day for a month. That would be hard! I think some would definitely be haiku’s!

Perhaps I’ll do a series of challenges throughout the year for myself. That may work better – keep it interesting and you never know it may let me find something really amazing that I get super interested in!

If anyone has heard of some good blogging challenges I’d love to hear them.

As we are house moving, decorating, etc. this may not be my best time to start one (but when is?) however around Easter could be viable??

But again ideas welcome!


General Musings

Blog Refreshing

I have only had my blog a few months, about 6, and I started off on the Hemingway Rewritten theme which I did at first like.

But I decided to refresh and revive my theme as I now know more about what my blog is about, how I want the content to look and the overall use-ability. So I am saying goodbye to Hemingway and hello to Motif!

Has anyone else change up their own blog recently, or even soon after getting started? Let me know what you think of this style.