General Musings

Making Positive Steps to Create Change

I am feeling pretty positive at the moment as I really feel like in my work life I have started to take back some control, have some agency in my own future rather than just waiting. As I previously mentioned I haven't been particularly happy at work. I just feel that I have been doing… Continue reading Making Positive Steps to Create Change

General Musings

New Year Reflections

So, in preparation for 2017 I re-read my reflections post from 2016, and I thought I would see how well I had done in achieving some of my goals and thinking of where I want to go in 2017: Be a little selfish – I have and did get better at this, I still retained… Continue reading New Year Reflections

General Musings

Getting Itchy Work Feet

I am getting the itch to move on from my current workplace. I have been here nearly 18 months now, I have done a full cycle of events and feel as if I am basically heading into a repeat of what happened in the last 18 months. I haven't got any radical changes ahead, I… Continue reading Getting Itchy Work Feet