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Making Positive Steps to Create Change

I am feeling pretty positive at the moment as I really feel like in my work life I have started to take back some control, have some agency in my own future rather than just waiting.

As I previously mentioned I haven’t been particularly happy at work. I just feel that I have been doing rather than enjoying my job.Which sucks for me as I need to feel passionate about what I am doing and engaged.

I do realise that I have to take accountability for my situation, I made the decision to apply and go for my current job last year and was accepted, but if I am honest I applied for it as a sensible option rather than as a dream job, I really want to take this career move kind of deal. So that was never great foundations.

Still, I came back and I have been trying, I’ve never been someone who wants to produce bad work and I have been giving 100% as much as possible, but for me at the moment it’s a really hard 100% and I feel less than engaged. At first I thought it was maybe because I was coming back after illness and I was taking time to re-adjust etc. But really the feeling hasn’t gone away and the longer I have been in the position the more I know it is not right for me, and it was the wrong move.

But I decided to stop being negative and start creating the changes I want and making positive steps to create this change.

1. Keeping in the Loop
Currently we are undergoing a team restructure/re-vamp where I work with our new Director.We don’t all know what is happening or the full details, this is being discussed with the Heads of teams and we are gleaning tidbits. However, I specifically spoke to my old manager who I have a very good relationship with to see what was going on and get a general lay of the land.Which proved very helpful and opened up potential avenues to work within a new style team (under my old manager) that I feel sound more interesting.

2. Looking back at Career
I really took some time out to re-consider all my past jobs, their experiences and the areas that I have enjoyed within these roles so that even if I feel the new team and it’s potential roles and work sound interesting I am not just doing it as a desperate measure to leave my current place.

3. Talking to People
This was a key one for me, particularly talking to my old manager about how I have been feeling and expressing an interest in where I want to see my career develop in the future and just getting advice on how to approach it. It also means that they have been a really good advocate for me, and in restructure talks have it in mind that I want a change.

4.Being Active in Promoting Myself
Although I had the support of other people I wanted to be pro-active and talk to my Director directly about how I was feeling, where I saw myself etc. I was lucky in that following an earlier one to one, and the talks he had been having, that he wasn’t too surprised about what I had to say and was exceptionally receptive and agreed that I need that change. So this felt very positive. Even though he was receptive it felt much nicer for me to know that I had been pro-active and hadn’t just relied on other people, as it is my career that I need to control. I  have a follow up next week, post when the proposed changes go to the board and prior to them being discussed with the whole team, so I am intrigued as to what will be discussed.

These aren’t necessarily revolutionary steps. Just the things that I did but they have massively helped my outlook as I feel less passive. So while they are  only little steps, sometimes that is just what you need.

General Musings

New Year Reflections

So, in preparation for 2017 I re-read my reflections post from 2016, and I thought I would see how well I had done in achieving some of my goals and thinking of where I want to go in 2017:

  1. Be a little selfish – I have and did get better at this, I still retained me and was kind but I wasn’t always 100% available, understanding etc. and I needed that. I needed to focus on me. Going in to 2017, perhaps a better goal would be to take actions for me, myself and I that take forward things I want to achieve.
  2. Don’t be scared to fail – I definitely felt less worried about perfection last year, and started re-connecting with my creative side again, my passions and this has reignited in me the feeling of wanting to do a job, career that I am passionate about and not just taking the easy, practical road. So in 2017 I think this is still a valid one for me to continue, don’t be scared to fail, try new things, take new chances when offered and don’t worry about having a picture perfect life. If I find a job I want to apply for, go for it, the only consequence you can truly have is regret.
  3. Blog better – I feel I did blog better, I wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked and then we had that pretty blank period of time, HOWEVER, some of this was out of my control. In 2017 I want to blog better and more consistently but also try to be more focused in my content, what I am sharing etc. so this may involve a bit of a blog re-haul at some point!
  4. Take more photos – This wasn’t one that I got round to doing as much as I would have liked, it fell by the wayside, I’m not sure why? I did Instagram more if that counts, but I want to do more photography with my camera. So in 2017 – the big camera comes out, and I was also looking at some classes to keep me going/inspired. Overall I just want to indulge one of my passions again.
  5. Keep on with healthy.- I did keep on with healthy, I kept losing weight, exercising and generally enhancing my well being overall, unfortunately unhealthy caught up with me when I got diagnosed with Ulcertative Colitis in September and mainly spent the latter half of the year in recovery. I haven’t put on anymore weight than where I was before going into hospital but my fitness levels aren’t quite the same. I feel lots stronger so 2017 for me is to really re-build my fitness and get back in to good food habits.
  6. Final thing – and perhaps more of a wish than a resolution, go abroad. I haven’t been out of the UK in five years. I need to see somewhere else in 2016 to sate my travel itches. – This would have happened, but unfortunately I didn’t do Brussels as I was in hospital. 😦 Hoping this won’t be the case in 2017!
  7. Get my career on track, this probably feeds in from all the other ones above, but I want to get my career on track. Really think about what makes me happy in a job and where, what I like doing etc. So I am going to start putting those steps and wheels in motion this year!
  8. Find the happy! After a strange 2016 I am determined to find the happy this year!

I can’t say that many of my goals have changed from 2016, but that wasn’t because I didn’t complete/fulfil them but because they are ongoing and they are still going forward. And that’s fine. It’s a good thing. I just need to get a little more back to me….


General Musings

Getting Itchy Work Feet

I am getting the itch to move on from my current workplace. I have been here nearly 18 months now, I have done a full cycle of events and feel as if I am basically heading into a repeat of what happened in the last 18 months. I haven’t got any radical changes ahead, I can’t see where I can challenge or progress myself in learning, career or financial terms.

I honestly feel as if I am stuck a bit in the doldrums. I get told things will change, that changes will happen but it’s always so busy that nothing ever does and we just do the same old thing.

This wasn’t exactly the job I wanted to end up doing either, it’s given me some great experience, great skills and I feel it has really helped evolve my work persona, but it has also shown up what I don’t want to be doing, the areas I don’t want to do and what I want to move away from. So it has been good in that respect.

I have a far more clearer of what I want to do, how I want to use my brain and skills and the things I am passionate about, now I just have to go out and get them. I can’t stay somewhere that I just can’t invest in any more.