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Pancake Day

Pancake Day is the best day of them all! Fact.

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Week 23 @ Target: and we yoyo again!

So I started off the month well and I go in on the second week feeling pretty alright - not perfect admittedly, but alright and have put on 2.5lbs!!!! So that made me pretty annoyed if I am honest, however it did spur me to get on it and organise my week. I wrote out a… Continue reading Week 23 @ Target: and we yoyo again!

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My First Colonoscopy

Not necessarily a title I thought I would be writing when I started this blog over two years ago, then again I didn't imagine I was going to end up in hospital last year and be diagnosed with a life long chronic illness. But hey, that's how the cookie crumbles. As I am now technically… Continue reading My First Colonoscopy

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Week 21 @ Target:equlibrium

So sorry for the later update - it's been a funny old week. But at least my weight stayed the same! So that is something, an annoying, frustrating but probably my own fault something! Has anyone else ever had such a long funk period? I feel like it has been going on for ages and… Continue reading Week 21 @ Target:equlibrium

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Week 9 & 10 @ Target: …we have a loss and then a weekend away…

I was very very pleased to have a 3lb loss in week 9, to be honest I was surprised to have had that high a loss this weigh in, I was much better but not amazing... but I guess that I was better and more aware of my food intake so rather than being negative… Continue reading Week 9 & 10 @ Target: …we have a loss and then a weekend away…


Week 6 @ Target: and a loss!

So while I am definitely not back in target range (still quite a bit to go) I am feeling far more positive as I came in with a -2lb loss this week. I wasn't 100% on plan but I definitely made a more conscious effort to eat better choices, and yes I probably over syned… Continue reading Week 6 @ Target: and a loss!

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Prepping for the week ahead!

It has been a busy weekend of seeing friends, having family over for lunch and giving the house a thorough clean (yes the family coming over did instigate a kick up the butt on this front!!). I decided to be prepped and take some Slimming World friendly food when we went to visit friends as… Continue reading Prepping for the week ahead!