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Week 23 @ Target: and we yoyo again!


So I started off the month well and I go in on the second week feeling pretty alright – not perfect admittedly, but alright and have put on 2.5lbs!!!! So that made me pretty annoyed if I am honest, however it did spur me to get on it and organise my week.

I wrote out a plan at group last week and this made me feel more in control, while I am not saying that I have 100% kept to this week’s plan, my derivations haven’t been far off and the other eating options haven’t been all synful, so I am feeling better overall. But at this rate who really knows?

Rather than think up a brand new monthly motivation I’ve decided to carry on last months motivation again, as I really should have done it and I don’t have any excuses not to lose in to the next stone bracket this month!

So wish me luck for the month and this week’s weigh in!


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My First Colonoscopy

Not necessarily a title I thought I would be writing when I started this blog over two years ago, then again I didn’t imagine I was going to end up in hospital last year and be diagnosed with a life long chronic illness.

But hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles.

As I am now technically in remission and have been pretty solid since leaving hospital last September (a little too solid if you look at my waistline…), at my last appointment I was told I would be scheduled in for a colonoscopy to see how my ulcerative colitis was looking after the outbreak and to get a clearer view of current scarring and progression.

I don’t think anyone likes the sound of a colonoscopy and what it entails. I know that I certainly wasn’t! But it would have been more idiotic to not go and get checked. Sooo…

I didn’t realise how rigorous the prep for a colonoscopy was, and that you started it up to really a week before with phasing out iron supplements, only eating low fibre and no caffeine two days before ‘prep’ day, and then the amount of meds you take on the day. Ironically, with my current condition I would never submit myself to that amount of laxatives – too many summer 2016 flashbacks. It also didn’t help that I couldn’t have caffeine on an event day…..#eventprofessionalstruggle

In all honesty though, my prep went well, yes it wasn’t fun racing to the toilet more frequently and I was starving by the next morning. But I was good and kept myself hydrated, and seemed to avoid majorly bad stomach cramps, probably because I followed the stuff to the letter – and hell low fibre meant I could have that pastry for breakfast after my event day….heavenly!

I was lucky in that my Mum was able to drive me to and from the hospital on the day, so I could have the sedative. By the time I got to the appointment (luckily in the morning) I was starving – and was avoiding food TV shows – though somehow it was still on at the hospital – burgers, torture! But I have to say the hospital and the staff in Endoscopy at John Radcliffe were so prompt, really quick and I wasn’t hanging around very long.

I don’t like needles – and needles really don’t go into me very well – but this time the Dr was really good and got the cannula in the vein first time. So a bonus! If I am honest I cant really tell how long the procedure was, it seemed very quick, but I suppose I was dopey on sedative and oxygen, I do know I was chatting to the Dr – it relaxes me. But it was pretty painless overall, and I can’t say I felt uncomfortable.

Pretty quick, of course my blood pressure would drop, but it was minimal, and I am not surprised as I usually have low blood pressure.I am sure I did in the hospital last year, but other than that I was fine and I got a cup of tea & a biscuit – heaven! The main drama was trying to contact my Mum to bring me my clothes as she had gone for a coffee and there was rubbish phone signal…typical!

I still need to have a follow up with the IBD Clinic and with my local surgery to discuss the results, overall things seemed fine, though I had a lot of polyps which I think the Dr wants to get down, but as I had a pretty severe outbreak last year, he wasn’t surprised they were there, but he wants to evaluate my medicines. But I didn’t get any major alarm bells. So I don’t feel worried.

Then best of all after the procedure I went with my Mum to the Garden centre to have a mooch and eat lunch – all I had was a pretty standard tuna mayo jacket, but  it tasted oh so so so nice. I even saw bunnies to boot. So it wasn’t really a dramatic day, and if anything I felt more hungry and tired from the experience than sore and rubbish. So definitely better than I expected.

Sorry if this was a long post – and potentially boring for some! But I hope it informed others about to have a colonoscopy in some way, yes it is not the nicest thing to have to do but really it is not the worst and it’s  a procedure that can save your life.





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Week 21 @ Target:equlibrium

So sorry for the later update – it’s been a funny old week.

But at least my weight stayed the same! So that is something, an annoying, frustrating but probably my own fault something!

Has anyone else ever had such a long funk period? I feel like it has been going on for ages and ages, and I can’t quite figure out how to kick-start myself again. I make attempts, small efforts but I somehow completely undermine myself and give in to temptation, and have no willpower at all!

I think I am going to have to do a re-boot, and with Lent coming up I think it is the time I made a decision on what I am cutting out, last year it was caffeine and that was hard but I did it. This year? With a sudden onset of a sweet tooth perhaps chocolate and refined sugar? So basically no ice-cream, chocolate, sweets, biscuits….that is sounding so hard to me as I write this….but then it should be. Yep! Come Wednesday 01 March. No refined sugar or chocolate!

Sorry this deviated away from a post on my current weight loss, but currently that is my issue, lack thereof! So I need to get going!

Does anyone have any good sugar free snack ideas??? Please share!

Wish me better for next week!


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Week 9 & 10 @ Target: …we have a loss and then a weekend away…

I was very very pleased to have a 3lb loss in week 9, to be honest I was surprised to have had that high a loss this weigh in, I was much better but not amazing… but I guess that I was better and more aware of my food intake so rather than being negative and self-deprecating i should pat my self on the back. So that was definitely a bonus.

It was very nice going in to Week 10 with a loss as I was away at the weekend from Friday – Monday in Birmingham for the Christmas Market, which I love going to, in fact I just love going to Birmingham. It was where I went to Uni after all. But I really wasn’t good with the food, oh I tried, and I ate moderately well on occasions but then I couldn’t resist macaroni cheese and that was it….I was done! So I did come in with a 2.5 gain this week, which I am fully aware that I totally deserve!

But hey ho it is now another week, another fresh start, another chance to try. So i’m not going to beat myself up about the gain and just start with a new week ahead. Life’s far too short to stress over some lbs and that is one thing I have definitely learned in 2016!


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Week 6 @ Target: and a loss!

So while I am definitely not back in target range (still quite a bit to go) I am feeling far more positive as I came in with a -2lb loss this week.

I wasn’t 100% on plan but I definitely made a more conscious effort to eat better choices, and yes I probably over syned on a couple of days but I wasn’t as bad as I have been and I felt more in control to say no to temptation.

So overall I am feeling positive, I have a few ‘danger days’ to watch out for coming up this week but I am hoping I can be on top and manage overall.

I had a good lunch today that reminded me how good Slimming World can be as a diet; jacket potato, big side salad and as a topping a WHOLE TUB of reduced fat Cottage Cheese with chives, as it is completely syn free – yum!

Wish me luck!

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Prepping for the week ahead!

It has been a busy weekend of seeing friends, having family over for lunch and giving the house a thorough clean (yes the family coming over did instigate a kick up the butt on this front!!). I decided to be prepped and take some Slimming World friendly food when we went to visit friends as it was a gaming night, so they were providing food and I wanted some diet friendly options!

So I cooked some pasta with reduced fat pesto,  roasted vegetables and chicken to take along, however as I made loads I now have plenty left for the week to have for lunch – so that makes me feel better prepped for the week ahead.

Pasta, roasted veg, pesto and chicken!

I was also even more prepared and made another Slimming World recipe that was in the October recipe booklet, the spicy breaded chicken. I figured that they would be a good thing to have as snack to go with lunches, they offer the savoury kick that I like, and are also lower in syns than crisps!

They were pretty simple to make, just putting together the spicy dip/rub and then rolling in the breadcrumbs and baking at 200 Celsius for 30 minutes. The other half, who is a proper chicken person liked them, so he can nibble in the week too and it’s good to know he likes them if I want to make them again. I was pleased with how they turned out, they weren’t as crispy as I was expecting but I guess you can only get that with deep frying – and that would not be Slimming World friendly!


So I’m feeling like it has been a good weekend and it is nice knowing that my lunches are more sorted for the week ahead, my other half C also made some very nice chickpea fritters along with a minty yoghurt dip that was from the Slimming World recipe book so they will be good snacks too!

Overall feeling more positive going forward this week so hopefully this will reflect in  a loss.

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Week 3 & 4 @ Target: 10st 11lbs

Ok, so at present I am currently out of target range, I was last week and I was this week however I have stayed the same over both weeks so that it is a win.

While it is of course frustrating to have not lost, I am not too surprised, when I got weighed again for the first time I was probably rather artificially light – it was pretty soon after hospital and it was quite a low weight for me to be able to maintain when I am still getting symptoms and myself under control. Plus as I said I have been putting on weight quite easily and  I am hungry all the time, though I am getting that under control (sort of!) and on top of that I have the steroids which I think are helping me retain water – got to love that!

So overall I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t have a loss this week. But I do really want one next week, so definitely going to eat better where possible – like I said still figuring out the food stuff, but it is getting better and going to schedule in some exercise, even if it is just a walk!

I am definitely getting frustrated though and wish I could just eat normally again, with no fruit and veg worries, fibre worries, nut worries, spice worries etc. while I have been eating some of this stuff I’m still not eating it 100% as I don’t know if it will cause an upset. But this does make Slimming World and the free food concept harder, but hopefully increasing those foods slowly will be ok and mean I can snack syn free again!!

Still wish me luck it’s a long journey. I’ll keep you updated.