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Week 22 @ Target: a good beginning to March

I came in last night with a 1lb loss, so while I definitely didn’t get in to that next stone bracket it was a loss so I am pleased with that. It just gets my month of to a good start and hopefully gets me in to the zone.

As I have also decided to give up refined/processed sugar for Lent the non-eating of cakes, biscuits, ice-cream etc. I hope will pay some dividends – though I am divided on yoghurt? Is this bad sugar? I am allowing natural sugars – so in fruit, honey etc. but is yoghurt also processed???

Anyway, I will keep you all updated.


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Week 21 @ Target:equlibrium

So sorry for the later update – it’s been a funny old week.

But at least my weight stayed the same! So that is something, an annoying, frustrating but probably my own fault something!

Has anyone else ever had such a long funk period? I feel like it has been going on for ages and ages, and I can’t quite figure out how to kick-start myself again. I make attempts, small efforts but I somehow completely undermine myself and give in to temptation, and have no willpower at all!

I think I am going to have to do a re-boot, and with Lent coming up I think it is the time I made a decision on what I am cutting out, last year it was caffeine and that was hard but I did it. This year? With a sudden onset of a sweet tooth perhaps chocolate and refined sugar? So basically no ice-cream, chocolate, sweets, biscuits….that is sounding so hard to me as I write this….but then it should be. Yep! Come Wednesday 01 March. No refined sugar or chocolate!

Sorry this deviated away from a post on my current weight loss, but currently that is my issue, lack thereof! So I need to get going!

Does anyone have any good sugar free snack ideas??? Please share!

Wish me better for next week!


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Lent: Giving Up Caffeine – I Survived!

It got hard towards the end but I survived! I went a whole 6 LONG weeks without Caffeine and didn’t kill anyone.

In the last week of Lent I had a load of stuff on at work with two events in one week, some very early mornings and some late evenings and all I wanted was a cup of tea! Not even necessarily for the caffeine fix, I think I just missed the comfort factor. But that final week was a hard week to not let my tiredness, grumpiness and general crankiness out on people. But I was very good and did not do this.

Now it’s been a couple of weeks post no caffeine and it actually took me a few days to even want a cup of tea which was weird, I think I got so used to not having anything that when I was able too my little conditioned mind couldn’t comprehend it.

But I have been having tea again, however, I am making a conscious effort not to have too much caffeine whether, tea, coffee or fizzy drinks. I am trying to watch my intake and have other soft drinks or water instead as I think it did help me sleep better not being on the caffeine as I was able to fall asleep a lot easier so perhaps I need to do a tea cut off point? Scary thought!

But the key point I took was that I have proved for myself that I can go without tea, that I am not necessarily totally dependent…but, frankly a tea isn’t the worst thing I could be doing to myself and I am still going to enjoy a cup…. in moderation – rather than administering via IV….perhaps that may be the key!

I do also hope that all other Lent giver uppers were successful in their endeavours!


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Slimming World – missing a weigh in.

It is a bit annoying but I have to miss a weigh in as I am driving to Leicester this evening for a work conference. I can’t book it off either as I have used all my weeks up. So a bit frustrating really. But at least it gives me a chance to kick my ass into gear again – as I mention on my previous post on giving up caffeine for Lent, I am so hungry all the time. So annoying as it will be to have to pay for a missed weigh in, at least its a week to sort myself out!

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Lent: Giving up Caffeine – update!

So I have been doing this non-caffeine gig for nearly two weeks now and I am pretty sure I am hungrier than I ever normally am. Perhaps caffeine suppressed food cravings or something but all I want to do is eat eat eat and eat. No food is too lowly, too naughty or too indulgent! This is really bad. I am struggling to curb myself and my need for food. I have to get it under control or that whole weight loss thing might reverse on me.

I do have to say the first  week was bearable, I did well, I barely noticed the absence of tea and coffee – this week – I’ve got pangs bad. It really doesn’t help when it’s cold as all I want to do is curl up with a hot tea. Or when I am tired. Or when we are taking a break from all the house decorating and DIY. But oh god I just want a cup of tea!

I will hold up my hands however to one slip up, and it was a completely unconscious one, we went out for dinner at the weekend at our local Wetherspoon, so nowhere fancy, and I ordered a burger (again with the bad food!) and when they asked what drink I wanted I automatically said Pepsi Max and it only hit me half way through the drink and burger what I had done!! BUT I have not slipped up since and I have resisted my major teamptation! So am allowing some kudos.I could have thrown in the towel!

Here’s to a better few weeks ahead. Perhaps I’ll stop eating and regain some equilibrium!


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Lent: Giving up Caffeine. I’m screwed.


Me and the PG Tips Monkey, I love him, just like I love tea and love coffee. I fear I would not bleed red but in fact bleed tea if cut open. I love tea in a big way. I am a proper English girl and quite convinced, as my mother and grandmother have taught me, that tea solves all of life’s ills; feeling cold have a tea, feeling hot have a tea, someones died have a tea, you’ve broken a limb have a tea….you get the gist.I have therefore set myself the challenge, the personal battle of wills with my own tea addiction to give up caffeine for Lent.

I think I’ve finally cracked. Last time I went without tea/caffeine for 24 hours there were mood swings, headaches, snappiness. It was not a pretty picture.

But I reasoned that for Lent I had to give up something that was truly truly hard for me.We discussed at work that I should give up alcohol, but I wouldn’t find this hard, give up chocolate – again not a major for me, i’m far more savoury inclined. But these would be a cop out and not really challenging myself.

So caffeine it was. I know it is in a lot; but I am specifically looking out for the liquid form i.e. coffee, tea, cokes etc. and any obvious food stuffs. While it is for Lent it’s also a good detox/health kick to end my reliance on caffeine liquids, drink more water. Work will be hard though as there is a big tea culture in the office, will have to remember to say no and fore-arm myself with herbal tea.

But I am hoping that it will hopefully be good for my skin and perhaps help my slightly insomniac sleeping – I am an awful sleeper. Apparently it’s not normal to survive on 5 or less hours regularly?

Either way I will see how this goes. I may survive intact and rational. I rather think I’ll be moody and nuts. I’ll keep you posted.