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Week 24 @ Target: planning pays off!

Planning really does pay off, I came in with a -2lbs off this week!

While yes I did veer from the plan at times I was a lot more conscious this week of not falling off the bandwagon completely – and as I can’t have sweet things, this helped with my willpower. Sort of….

But, anyway, coming in with a loss felt really really nice. Perhaps it is the promise of Spring, perhaps I just had my head on straight, who knows but I had a loss so I am happy.

And I damn well repeating it next week!!



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Week 19 @ Target: seemingly on track

I have reached my January motivation goal after coming in with a -3 lb loss this week, putting me back to the weight I was pre-Christmas, yay! While it would have been nice to have lost this and then some more in January, just getting those Christmas gains off was a definite win for me.

I have also been much more active overall this month which I am pleased about. I need to step this up going into February however, maybe start a class again or just swimming. Something that can fit in with life currently.

I can’t get complacent going in to February and I am working on this months motivation to give me focus. Will update soon!


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Week 16 @ Target: smashed it, now maintain it

I had a really motivating weigh in this week after coming in with a -4lb loss! This means that I lost all 3.5lbs of my Christmas and New Year gains, and some extra, so I am really really pleased! Of course this doesn’t mean one can get complacent, I still need to ensure that I am reaching my other monthly motivation goal – exercising at least once a week.

I am definitely being more active at work where possible – going out for at least a 20 minute stretch of the legs, which all counts as body magic. I changed jobs at the end of the last year which also meant a campus change and I just don’t find myself moving as much on the new campus – just less need to, I miss the old campus I was on, it was more buzzy, energetic and more reasons to get up and go for a walk somewhere (even if it was work related!). So I need to be consistent at it, and also ensure I am doing more exercise out of work too.

But on the whole that was a very very positive weigh in! I am pleased to have kick started off my first proper weigh in and group on that note. It does give you a good mindset and you feel more motivated to keep going. Well I do.

Lets hope I can keep the momentum going for next week too.


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Week 13 & 14 @ Target: Festive period….

Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL the past couple of weeks, I just really wanted to chill and relax and get away to some extent from the computer, working in an office style environment means I never feel very far away from technology and I wanted to cleanse a bit overall.

However, lets crack on. So on Week 13 (so pre-Christmas) I went in with a 1lb loss, which I found surprising having had a week of Christmas meal and meet ups, even a full on meal on weigh in day. So I was pleasantly surprised, but it was nice to go into Christmas with a loss.

So I of course vowed to be good over the Christmas period, and not over indulge, in reality me and food were great mates and I ate like I wouldn’t see food again (well that’s what I felt like!) and I went in to Week 14 (post-Christmas), with trepidation….however the result wasn’t that awful having only put on 1lb. So I was rather happy with that result, and not the worst I was expecting.

Tonight’s weigh in however could be a whole different story….as my eating shenanigans didn’t stop as I had more evenings out and a birthday in the New Year. But that’s fine. Whatever the result is I will deal, and it can be addressed/dealt with.

Besides it’s a New Year. New Start. New Chances.


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Week 11 @ Target: in with a loss…

So I lost 1.5lbs at this weigh in, it was a day later than usual (and I am writing this so many days later after the fact!) as I had to go ice-skating with Guides and couldn’t get to the meeting and weigh in – and a weigh in is easier to rearrange! So I am pleased with that. It’s far better than a gain after all. Feeling satisfied.

Not so confident about Week 12…..  :/


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Week 9 & 10 @ Target: …we have a loss and then a weekend away…

I was very very pleased to have a 3lb loss in week 9, to be honest I was surprised to have had that high a loss this weigh in, I was much better but not amazing… but I guess that I was better and more aware of my food intake so rather than being negative and self-deprecating i should pat my self on the back. So that was definitely a bonus.

It was very nice going in to Week 10 with a loss as I was away at the weekend from Friday – Monday in Birmingham for the Christmas Market, which I love going to, in fact I just love going to Birmingham. It was where I went to Uni after all. But I really wasn’t good with the food, oh I tried, and I ate moderately well on occasions but then I couldn’t resist macaroni cheese and that was it….I was done! So I did come in with a 2.5 gain this week, which I am fully aware that I totally deserve!

But hey ho it is now another week, another fresh start, another chance to try. So i’m not going to beat myself up about the gain and just start with a new week ahead. Life’s far too short to stress over some lbs and that is one thing I have definitely learned in 2016!


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Week 6 @ Target: and a loss!

So while I am definitely not back in target range (still quite a bit to go) I am feeling far more positive as I came in with a -2lb loss this week.

I wasn’t 100% on plan but I definitely made a more conscious effort to eat better choices, and yes I probably over syned on a couple of days but I wasn’t as bad as I have been and I felt more in control to say no to temptation.

So overall I am feeling positive, I have a few ‘danger days’ to watch out for coming up this week but I am hoping I can be on top and manage overall.

I had a good lunch today that reminded me how good Slimming World can be as a diet; jacket potato, big side salad and as a topping a WHOLE TUB of reduced fat Cottage Cheese with chives, as it is completely syn free – yum!

Wish me luck!