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Week 24 @ Target: planning pays off!

Planning really does pay off, I came in with a -2lbs off this week!

While yes I did veer from the plan at times I was a lot more conscious this week of not falling off the bandwagon completely – and as I can’t have sweet things, this helped with my willpower. Sort of….

But, anyway, coming in with a loss felt really really nice. Perhaps it is the promise of Spring, perhaps I just had my head on straight, who knows but I had a loss so I am happy.

And I damn well repeating it next week!!



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Week 20 @ Target: needing a bit of motivation

So I had a stinker of a cold, in fact, I still have a stinker of a cold, and it won’t go away. Thus, in true old wives fashion I fed the cold, I REALLY fed the cold! I was therefore not at all surprised to find I had put on 2.5lbs this week!

I don’t think this was also helped by the monthly curse rearing up on weigh day (great timing!), however it wasn’t the sole reason. I was bad, very bad. I felt rubbish and just ate what I fancied, and as I was at my lovely in-laws at the weekend I had no control switches.

We had a very nice Chinese, and lots of other food. BAD, BAD, BAD! But despite this I am feeling OK, yes it was a gain which I didn’t want but it is a new week, new start so lets just go from there.

I have also, as promised, been thinking about my monthly motivation for February. I’ve given myself a tough one, by the end of the month I want to be in the next stone bracket, a goal that has been eluding me since after my illness! I think this one will be especially hard with February being so much shorter – so fewer weigh ins in which to achieve it! I will have to be much more disciplined and focused. Oh crap!

Wish me luck!


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Week 19 @ Target: seemingly on track

I have reached my January motivation goal after coming in with a -3 lb loss this week, putting me back to the weight I was pre-Christmas, yay! While it would have been nice to have lost this and then some more in January, just getting those Christmas gains off was a definite win for me.

I have also been much more active overall this month which I am pleased about. I need to step this up going into February however, maybe start a class again or just swimming. Something that can fit in with life currently.

I can’t get complacent going in to February and I am working on this months motivation to give me focus. Will update soon!


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Struggling a little…

I am struggling a little at the moment, really trying to make good choices with food but I do think I am comfort eating with it a little. I just felt so rubbish when I was ill, and it is so nice to be able to eat again but I do need to get on top of my cravings and be better behaved.

I don’t think I am going to do well at this weeks weigh in at all, definitely not within target range, but that is OK. Hopefully it will give me the kick up the butt I need to be more on plan and to make those better choices I need to make. I’ve tried to have a good kick start this morning and had a syn free breakfast of beef pastrami and eggs, which was very nice and I just need to keep that going now.

I am planning to be better prepped this week as well with lunches and dinners to be more on plan, and better at counting the syns and avoiding those little ones that crop up when you don’t realise. Planning to get back into exercise (gently mind you) as well as I miss it and need to start before I just don’t get on it!

Just got to be better. #motivation

Beef Pastrami & Egg cooked in Fry Light
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Week 48: +3lbs

I am not that surprised that this happened. It was the monthly and I was definitely not great over Easter, and then I had to miss a week. I am feeling a bit out of sorts at the moment, having a momentary loss of willpower regarding food.

I have no idea why, just in a bit of a funk but I need to get back on course and get motivated again.I have a Bridesmaid dress to look good in lol! But that should spur me on, and I am thinking I may do another detox again to refresh myself and re-school my willpower and get me back in the head game. I also want to get over that bloody 2 stone mark!!!

I really don’t want to put on again next week despite having a Hen Do this weekend so I am going to absolutely make the best food decisions I can and get exercise back in the schedule!

Fingers crossed for next week!



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Blog Challenge?

I have been thinking of doing a blog challenge, something to spur myself, keep me going and motivated. I have been having a few ideas but I can’t actually decide what to do and what I can realistically achieve – I was thinking of doing an Instragram a day challenge but that can be hard to do in the blog form as you only see the pictures on the side (if anyone knows otherwise, please share!) so not sure on that – might still do it though.

I got a colouring book for Christmas, one of those adult ones so I thought I would set the challenge of finishing a picture a week, which is achievable and then just doing a post on it. Plus that could be fun.

I could do a book one – I have been promising myself to read the classics this year – so I could do a challenge to read all Dickens by the end of 2016 – something like that, though there is a hell of a lot of Dickens.

I could write a poem a day for a month. That would be hard! I think some would definitely be haiku’s!

Perhaps I’ll do a series of challenges throughout the year for myself. That may work better – keep it interesting and you never know it may let me find something really amazing that I get super interested in!

If anyone has heard of some good blogging challenges I’d love to hear them.

As we are house moving, decorating, etc. this may not be my best time to start one (but when is?) however around Easter could be viable??

But again ideas welcome!