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Week 24 @ Target: planning pays off!

Planning really does pay off, I came in with a -2lbs off this week! While yes I did veer from the plan at times I was a lot more conscious this week of not falling off the bandwagon completely - and as I can't have sweet things, this helped with my willpower. Sort of.... But,… Continue reading Week 24 @ Target: planning pays off!

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Week 20 @ Target: needing a bit of motivation

So I had a stinker of a cold, in fact, I still have a stinker of a cold, and it won't go away. Thus, in true old wives fashion I fed the cold, I REALLY fed the cold! I was therefore not at all surprised to find I had put on 2.5lbs this week! I… Continue reading Week 20 @ Target: needing a bit of motivation

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Week 19 @ Target: seemingly on track

I have reached my January motivation goal after coming in with a -3 lb loss this week, putting me back to the weight I was pre-Christmas, yay! While it would have been nice to have lost this and then some more in January, just getting those Christmas gains off was a definite win for me.… Continue reading Week 19 @ Target: seemingly on track

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Struggling a little…

I am struggling a little at the moment, really trying to make good choices with food but I do think I am comfort eating with it a little. I just felt so rubbish when I was ill, and it is so nice to be able to eat again but I do need to get on… Continue reading Struggling a little…

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Blog Challenge?

I have been thinking of doing a blog challenge, something to spur myself, keep me going and motivated. I have been having a few ideas but I can't actually decide what to do and what I can realistically achieve - I was thinking of doing an Instragram a day challenge but that can be hard… Continue reading Blog Challenge?