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Woeful Absentia

Apologies for the absence folks....

General Musings

Giving myself time every week.

I have decided, and it won't be easy, to commit to giving myself at least one evening/day every week to do something for me. This boils down to me realising that if I really want to be able to reflect, move forward and make decisions I also need to dedicate some time to me every… Continue reading Giving myself time every week.

General Musings

Is life hitting me with signs?

I am coming to the end of 2016, and I am starting to look back, reflect, evaluate on what has been unquestionably a strange year. A year with great highs and deep lows. And I wonder, did certain things happen to give me a sign, a shake up, Β a call to action and have I… Continue reading Is life hitting me with signs?

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Reflections for a New Year

I have been reflecting back on the year just been and what I have taken from 2015. 2015 was definitely not my worst year by any means, but it wasn't my greatest, though to be honestΒ I am never entirely sure which year was - perhaps my first ever year that I don't remember?? But I… Continue reading Reflections for a New Year