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Week 24 @ Target: planning pays off!

Planning really does pay off, I came in with a -2lbs off this week!

While yes I did veer from the plan at times I was a lot more conscious this week of not falling off the bandwagon completely – and as I can’t have sweet things, this helped with my willpower. Sort of….

But, anyway, coming in with a loss felt really really nice. Perhaps it is the promise of Spring, perhaps I just had my head on straight, who knows but I had a loss so I am happy.

And I damn well repeating it next week!!



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Week 23 @ Target: and we yoyo again!


So I started off the month well and I go in on the second week feeling pretty alright – not perfect admittedly, but alright and have put on 2.5lbs!!!! So that made me pretty annoyed if I am honest, however it did spur me to get on it and organise my week.

I wrote out a plan at group last week and this made me feel more in control, while I am not saying that I have 100% kept to this week’s plan, my derivations haven’t been far off and the other eating options haven’t been all synful, so I am feeling better overall. But at this rate who really knows?

Rather than think up a brand new monthly motivation I’ve decided to carry on last months motivation again, as I really should have done it and I don’t have any excuses not to lose in to the next stone bracket this month!

So wish me luck for the month and this week’s weigh in!


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Week 2 @ Target – had to miss group!

I couldn’t make it to Slimming World this week due to having to work an evening event, which even though it was the only thing I did all day, with my current working hours situation, made me so tired – it’s still so odd being so tired all the time. I’m not used to it.

But I do not think I would have done very well. I am trying to make better choices and overall be less synful… but it is hard. I think I need to get better at planning and prepping but it gets hard finding time in the day – which is weird at the moment as I am really not doing much! I get back from work and I am so sleepy.

Still determined though and will keep going. Hopefully will get more exercise in too soon.


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Getting Itchy Work Feet

I am getting the itch to move on from my current workplace. I have been here nearly 18 months now, I have done a full cycle of events and feel as if I am basically heading into a repeat of what happened in the last 18 months. I haven’t got any radical changes ahead, I can’t see where I can challenge or progress myself in learning, career or financial terms.

I honestly feel as if I am stuck a bit in the doldrums. I get told things will change, that changes will happen but it’s always so busy that nothing ever does and we just do the same old thing.

This wasn’t exactly the job I wanted to end up doing either, it’s given me some great experience, great skills and I feel it has really helped evolve my work persona, but it has also shown up what I don’t want to be doing, the areas I don’t want to do and what I want to move away from. So it has been good in that respect.

I have a far more clearer of what I want to do, how I want to use my brain and skills and the things I am passionate about, now I just have to go out and get them. I can’t stay somewhere that I just can’t invest in any more.


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Week 42: Maintain

I am quite happy with a maintain this week considering that it was Valentines at the weekend and I had a deliciously scrummy meal cooked for me. A loss would have been nice, as I don’t feel that I was particularly awful overall in the week but sometimes that is the way the cookie crumbles (not that I am having cookies at the moment!).

I’ve been increasing the exercise again which has definitely helped, though the recent cold spell has meant I have not really run, just done workouts indoors. But my plan is to do a run again soon, get back in the swing.

I have a three day work conference next week so I really would like a loss as I don’t have a clue what I will be fed at the conference at all. So a loss would be a good boost/motivator to keep off the pounds – perhaps I’ll see if they have a gym?