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Making Positive Steps to Create Change

I am feeling pretty positive at the moment as I really feel like in my work life I have started to take back some control, have some agency in my own future rather than just waiting. As I previously mentioned I haven't been particularly happy at work. I just feel that I have been doing… Continue reading Making Positive Steps to Create Change

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Thinking Positive Thoughts

Thinking some positive thoughts today, and  found these great little quotes,  I am not just thinking positive just for weight loss and slimming world but also for life in general. I have to stop thinking change and start making actions to create change otherwise I will never truly be happy. I have to realise that… Continue reading Thinking Positive Thoughts

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Week 16 @ Target: smashed it, now maintain it

I had a really motivating weigh in this week after coming in with a -4lb loss! This means that I lost all 3.5lbs of my Christmas and New Year gains, and some extra, so I am really really pleased! Of course this doesn't mean one can get complacent, I still need to ensure that I… Continue reading Week 16 @ Target: smashed it, now maintain it


Week 6 @ Target: and a loss!

So while I am definitely not back in target range (still quite a bit to go) I am feeling far more positive as I came in with a -2lb loss this week. I wasn't 100% on plan but I definitely made a more conscious effort to eat better choices, and yes I probably over syned… Continue reading Week 6 @ Target: and a loss!