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Making Positive Steps to Create Change

I am feeling pretty positive at the moment as I really feel like in my work life I have started to take back some control, have some agency in my own future rather than just waiting.

As I previously mentioned I haven’t been particularly happy at work. I just feel that I have been doing rather than enjoying my job.Which sucks for me as I need to feel passionate about what I am doing and engaged.

I do realise that I have to take accountability for my situation, I made the decision to apply and go for my current job last year and was accepted, but if I am honest I applied for it as a sensible option rather than as a dream job, I really want to take this career move kind of deal. So that was never great foundations.

Still, I came back and I have been trying, I’ve never been someone who wants to produce bad work and I have been giving 100% as much as possible, but for me at the moment it’s a really hard 100% and I feel less than engaged. At first I thought it was maybe because I was coming back after illness and I was taking time to re-adjust etc. But really the feeling hasn’t gone away and the longer I have been in the position the more I know it is not right for me, and it was the wrong move.

But I decided to stop being negative and start creating the changes I want and making positive steps to create this change.

1. Keeping in the Loop
Currently we are undergoing a team restructure/re-vamp where I work with our new Director.We don’t all know what is happening or the full details, this is being discussed with the Heads of teams and we are gleaning tidbits. However, I specifically spoke to my old manager who I have a very good relationship with to see what was going on and get a general lay of the land.Which proved very helpful and opened up potential avenues to work within a new style team (under my old manager) that I feel sound more interesting.

2. Looking back at Career
I really took some time out to re-consider all my past jobs, their experiences and the areas that I have enjoyed within these roles so that even if I feel the new team and it’s potential roles and work sound interesting I am not just doing it as a desperate measure to leave my current place.

3. Talking to People
This was a key one for me, particularly talking to my old manager about how I have been feeling and expressing an interest in where I want to see my career develop in the future and just getting advice on how to approach it. It also means that they have been a really good advocate for me, and in restructure talks have it in mind that I want a change.

4.Being Active in Promoting Myself
Although I had the support of other people I wanted to be pro-active and talk to my Director directly about how I was feeling, where I saw myself etc. I was lucky in that following an earlier one to one, and the talks he had been having, that he wasn’t too surprised about what I had to say and was exceptionally receptive and agreed that I need that change. So this felt very positive. Even though he was receptive it felt much nicer for me to know that I had been pro-active and hadn’t just relied on other people, as it is my career that I need to control. I  have a follow up next week, post when the proposed changes go to the board and prior to them being discussed with the whole team, so I am intrigued as to what will be discussed.

These aren’t necessarily revolutionary steps. Just the things that I did but they have massively helped my outlook as I feel less passive. So while they are  only little steps, sometimes that is just what you need.

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Thinking Positive Thoughts

Thinking some positive thoughts today, and  found these great little quotes,  I am not just thinking positive just for weight loss and slimming world but also for life in general. I have to stop thinking change and start making actions to create change otherwise I will never truly be happy.

I have to realise that just because I have this good job, and I haven’t been in it long, if I am not happy, not fulfilled and not enjoying it, then I don’t have to stay. Even if I don’t up an leave at once I can begin making decisions to create that change; do a learning course, job hunt, re-connect with networks.

I am not static and I am not fixed.



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Week 16 @ Target: smashed it, now maintain it

I had a really motivating weigh in this week after coming in with a -4lb loss! This means that I lost all 3.5lbs of my Christmas and New Year gains, and some extra, so I am really really pleased! Of course this doesn’t mean one can get complacent, I still need to ensure that I am reaching my other monthly motivation goal – exercising at least once a week.

I am definitely being more active at work where possible – going out for at least a 20 minute stretch of the legs, which all counts as body magic. I changed jobs at the end of the last year which also meant a campus change and I just don’t find myself moving as much on the new campus – just less need to, I miss the old campus I was on, it was more buzzy, energetic and more reasons to get up and go for a walk somewhere (even if it was work related!). So I need to be consistent at it, and also ensure I am doing more exercise out of work too.

But on the whole that was a very very positive weigh in! I am pleased to have kick started off my first proper weigh in and group on that note. It does give you a good mindset and you feel more motivated to keep going. Well I do.

Lets hope I can keep the momentum going for next week too.


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Week 6 @ Target: and a loss!

So while I am definitely not back in target range (still quite a bit to go) I am feeling far more positive as I came in with a -2lb loss this week.

I wasn’t 100% on plan but I definitely made a more conscious effort to eat better choices, and yes I probably over syned on a couple of days but I wasn’t as bad as I have been and I felt more in control to say no to temptation.

So overall I am feeling positive, I have a few ‘danger days’ to watch out for coming up this week but I am hoping I can be on top and manage overall.

I had a good lunch today that reminded me how good Slimming World can be as a diet; jacket potato, big side salad and as a topping a WHOLE TUB of reduced fat Cottage Cheese with chives, as it is completely syn free – yum!

Wish me luck!

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Feeling the changes!

So on Bank Holiday Monday I went clothes shopping with my BF, and I was a bit naughty as I had a McD’s for lunch – but I offset it later with free food!

But that’s not the point of this post, this is a bit of a companion piece to my weigh in, the point of this post is that I went clothes shopping and didn’t come home on a massive downer because nothing fit me. In actual fact everything I tried on fit me, bar a skirt that is made for someone with no meat apparently! But overall this was a great feeling for me, normally I feel like I look awful, that somehow I have developed two bellies or it just hugs me wrong, but not this time.

Yes I tried on some clothes that just didn’t suit me, so I didn’t get those, but to actually go clothes shopping, buy clothes that fitted and I felt good in them – that was liberating and so nice!  So while I haven’t reached my target weight and I still have a way to go  on this dieting, healthy journey I am feeling like it is absolutely possible and I am looking forward to getting there.


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Slimming World: Week 11 +0.5lbs

Well I didn’t manage to lose but infact put on? I think I am still out of my mojo mode and need to get back into it more, I definitely made a conscious effort to be more pro-active and to make better choices in the week coming up. I allowed myself to relax on Saturday though as I was in London with my mum to see Memphis, my birthday present, so that is perhaps what tipped it. I was however also ‘ON’ -you know the big ‘on’ that week and that makes me bloated and retain water so it definitely wasn’t a help at all!

Still it’s no excuse and with having to miss again next week due to a late night work event I am just going to be on it over the next two weeks!