General Musings

Giving myself time every week.

I have decided, and it won’t be easy, to commit to giving myself at least one evening/day every week to do something for me.

This boils down to me realising that if I really want to be able to reflect, move forward and make decisions I also need to dedicate some time to me every week, whether it  is a whole day, a 1/2 day or just an evening it is just important that I find that time.

This basically feeds into one of my resolutions, objectives, for 2017 to get back in to doing some hobbies that I love and really just giving myself some me time, still being a little selfish.

It doesn’t really matter what I am doing. As long as it is something I want to do; reading, writing, learning a language…just anything!

But I need to be really resolute about it though and do it.I so often just let myself get distracted, or pulled along in other waves. So no, no to distraction, no to feeling annoyed because I haven’t got something I wanted done ,and just no to not supporting myself. I will give myself time, and I will make that time happen.

General Musings

Time Marches On…

I am finding it hard to believe that we are already over the first quarter of the year and are in April! How crazy is that?

It feels as if I still haven’t got round to doing half of the things that I said I wanted to get done by this time. Yes I have started on the healthy living and lifestyle, though I still need to do more, but I have got on the right track.

I just need to knuckle down and get on with some of the other things on my to do lists, for one I need to sort out my room and by sort I mean not just clean it but de-clutter it! I need to sort out some creative writing classes, some language classes (really need to get some Italian under my belt!) and generally get my stuff in order!

Hopefully have longer days will be a better time to get stuff done!