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I really can’t think of anything else that sums up today. Senseless. What a senseless waste of life, what a senseless tragedy to happen.

Already you are seeing the blame game, the anger, the hate simmering out of people as the reality sinks in and more information comes to light.

But I don’t want to focus on who did it, and why, there is no justifiable reason why someone would blow up a bomb at a concert full of young innocent people. This person don’t represent a faith, a community, a city, they represent nothing. Because that is what they are; nothing.

We should  focus on the people who lost their lives and the fantastic people, no matter who they are, that came together to help last night purely because as a human race there is more good than evil. Focus on anyone, anything, but that single individual who deserves none of our attention.

I don’t want this atrocity to be used as an excuse to propel forward an agenda, to be politicised, to be pulled apart and analysed, to further cause rifts by twisting and distorting facts. I don’t believe lost innocence should be used to propel hate.

It was one person. One individual who caused this tragedy and we really shouldn’t give them the satisfaction of dividing us all, by doing so we reward them and act as they want us too. Instead I would rather focus on those who have united, stood up against that divisiveness and chosen not to hate, not to succumb.

By remaining united we remain victorious against their ideals and against fear-mongering.

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C2C 2016!

So I got to see some of my favourite country artists at the C2C Festival at the O2 this weekend, as well as discover a whole load more, which was fantastic. I have been wanting to along for absolutely ages but then never got around to actually going, however this year knowing that Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood were both going to be there that swung it for me, especially as Miranda has never been to the UK before (as far as I am aware!). But I also love their warm up acts; Little Big Town, Ashley Monroe and also ended up liking Sam Hunt, High Valley, Maren Morris and the others.

It’s a three day weekend festival but I only went to the Friday and Saturday, I considered the Sunday but at the time I didn’t know the artists as well so I didn’t book for them, however it would have been great to see Chris Stapleton, after finally discovering his album Traveller. I like Kacey Musgraves as well, but didn’t really know Eric Church so wasn’t swayed.

I have to say the Pop Up stages, and the other smaller venues were fab! I got to see some great people, some I knew, some I wasn’t so aware of and also saw Charles Esten from afar, and then heard him sing later in the main stage. I also got in to see Lauren Alaina at the BBC R2 Country Stage and she was amazing, an awesome voice and just totally killed the stage. But a load of people did. It was a great weekend, one downside, I now have a million albums to buy!

I have some pics below – but I am getting really annoyed with my phone and it’s in-adequateness at taking pictures recently (didn’t help I forgot my ‘proper’ camera!) so excuse the blurriness.