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Low Iron – joyous!

Low Iron really is a killjoy, I know it is a natural side-effect of pregnancy for a lot of women and to be fair combined with the Ulcerative Colitis (even if I haven't been flaring it still causes problems) it's probably not that surprising that at my latest pregnancy check-up my Iron levels were low.… Continue reading Low Iron – joyous!

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Slimming World @ Target – Absentee Me

I am sorry for the absences and the lack of updating I just missed quite a few sessions this month due to work and life so just haven't had anything to post about, and I haven't been in the right frame of mind really. I had a busy Easter and I had a break from… Continue reading Slimming World @ Target – Absentee Me

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My First Colonoscopy

Not necessarily a title I thought I would be writing when I started this blog over two years ago, then again I didn't imagine I was going to end up in hospital last year and be diagnosed with a life long chronic illness. But hey, that's how the cookie crumbles. As I am now technically… Continue reading My First Colonoscopy

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Honey cures all ills…

I appear to have come down with a horrible sore throat, bunged up kind of cold! Which just came on with no warning - joyous! However, I have honey, and honey is amazing. It soothes my throat, tastes nice in tea and is an overall comfort! So while I may be feeling rubbish, at least… Continue reading Honey cures all ills…

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Is life hitting me with signs?

I am coming to the end of 2016, and I am starting to look back, reflect, evaluate on what has been unquestionably a strange year. A year with great highs and deep lows. And I wonder, did certain things happen to give me a sign, a shake up,  a call to action and have I… Continue reading Is life hitting me with signs?

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Week 3 & 4 @ Target: 10st 11lbs

Ok, so at present I am currently out of target range, I was last week and I was this week however I have stayed the same over both weeks so that it is a win. While it is of course frustrating to have not lost, I am not too surprised, when I got weighed again for… Continue reading Week 3 & 4 @ Target: 10st 11lbs

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Week 1 @Target – +5lbs

So I am going with this week as a new beginning, and starting it as being Week 1 of my Slimming World journey as a target member. I am not surprised I have put on 5lbs, which is annoying but with being ill I think I'm absorbing food a bit and with the UC (Ulcerative Colitis) I… Continue reading Week 1 @Target – +5lbs