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Week 23 @ Target: and we yoyo again!

So I started off the month well and I go in on the second week feeling pretty alright - not perfect admittedly, but alright and have put on 2.5lbs!!!! So that made me pretty annoyed if I am honest, however it did spur me to get on it and organise my week. I wrote out a… Continue reading Week 23 @ Target: and we yoyo again!

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Week 39: -1lbs – yay!

It may not be much, in fact it may be miniscule in the grand scheme of things but having a loss this week felt so good! It was a really good self-starter to get going and get on with everything. It was fantastic! Now I just need to stay on track, get back in control and… Continue reading Week 39: -1lbs – yay!

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Week 26: Maintained

Well I maintained this week which I am actually really pleased about. I wasn't great and I wasn't awful either. It was rather a mediocre week and I think I am potentially 'coming on' but the body as usual can't decide. I also had  a menu tasting for work which meant eating and trying lots… Continue reading Week 26: Maintained