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Baby Shower – it’s getting real!

I was very lucky to have a little baby shower thrown for me at work last week by my lovely work colleagues. It wasn't my last day at work, I still have another 3.5 working days to go (yes I am counting!). But it was very nice to get together with the team and have… Continue reading Baby Shower – it’s getting real!

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Work Hierarchy – necessary?

*FULL DISCLOSURE THIS IS ME HAVING A RANT* Firstly, let me point out that I am not against a hierarchy, I do believe it is good to know where you stand, your role in a team and how it all fits together especially if blended with a good helping of democracy and team cohesiveness. I… Continue reading Work Hierarchy – necessary?

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Week 7&8 @ Target: It all goes pear shaped…

I've put on 4lbs over the past two weeks. I know why. I just haven't been very on plan or even really on it at all. I don't know why exactly at the moment. I just can't seem to push past some kind of mental roadblock and my low. At the moment I have… Continue reading Week 7&8 @ Target: It all goes pear shaped…

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Week 2 @ Target – had to miss group!

I couldn't make it to Slimming World this week due to having to work an evening event, which even though it was the only thing I did all day, with my current working hours situation, made me so tired - it's still so odd being so tired all the time. I'm not used to it.… Continue reading Week 2 @ Target – had to miss group!

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Getting Itchy Work Feet

I am getting the itch to move on from my current workplace. I have been here nearly 18 months now, I have done a full cycle of events and feel as if I am basically heading into a repeat of what happened in the last 18 months. I haven't got any radical changes ahead, I… Continue reading Getting Itchy Work Feet

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An Update: I have not abandoned the art of blogging

I have not abandoned the art of blogging readers, followers and browsers, I have however had a manic past two weeks. Work Life: Currently insanely busy as we have our massive 400 person dinner happening this week, and I tend to just not have the time to put my stuff together in the evenings -… Continue reading An Update: I have not abandoned the art of blogging