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Week 22: -0.5lbs down!

Good morning all! After last night’s weigh in I am feeling pretty happy and positive, it wasn’t a massive loss only 0.5lbs but it was still a loss and still a step in the right direction for me.

I am starting to enjoy the diet again, not that I was massively over it, but I was having a little bit of a rut and not being creative with my food which I really need to do otherwise I get food boredom and then I pick and just lose my way. My mother, who has previously done Slimming World and reached her target but has been a little bit indulgent over the summer has decided to really get back on it so we are thinking of going jogging together – I really need to up my exercise game so it should be fun!

I am absolutely loving the British weather at the moment, it is just what I imagine early autumn should be and it just gets me in the positive vibes. I adore Autumn and Spring.



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