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Just a little note to say THANK YOU to all the lovely people who have chosen to follow my rather rambling, potentially un-organised, a bit all over the place little blog! I'm very grateful. Lindsey xoxo

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Low Iron – joyous!

Low Iron really is a killjoy, I know it is a natural side-effect of pregnancy for a lot of women and to be fair combined with the Ulcerative Colitis (even if I haven't been flaring it still causes problems) it's probably not that surprising that at my latest pregnancy check-up my Iron levels were low.… Continue reading Low Iron – joyous!

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Baby Shower – it’s getting real!

I was very lucky to have a little baby shower thrown for me at work last week by my lovely work colleagues. It wasn't my last day at work, I still have another 3.5 working days to go (yes I am counting!). But it was very nice to get together with the team and have… Continue reading Baby Shower – it’s getting real!

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Work Hierarchy – necessary?

*FULL DISCLOSURE THIS IS ME HAVING A RANT* Firstly, let me point out that I am not against a hierarchy, I do believe it is good to know where you stand, your role in a team and how it all fits together especially if blended with a good helping of democracy and team cohesiveness. I… Continue reading Work Hierarchy – necessary?

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I really can't think of anything else that sums up today. Senseless. What a senseless waste of life, what a senseless tragedy to happen. Already you are seeing the blame game, the anger, the hate simmering out of people as the reality sinks in and more information comes to light. But I don't want to… Continue reading Senseless.

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Slimming World @ Target – Absentee Me

I am sorry for the absences and the lack of updating I just missed quite a few sessions this month due to work and life so just haven't had anything to post about, and I haven't been in the right frame of mind really. I had a busy Easter and I had a break from… Continue reading Slimming World @ Target – Absentee Me